jazda is a bike computer which adapts to you

Congratulations, you found the pre-release website of Jazda!

Jazda is still not finalized, therefore most information on this site is a equivalent to a roadmap.

jazda /ˈjaz.da/ (noun)

  1. the act of riding ― jazda pod górę wyrabia charakterriding uphill builds character
  2. (slang) an exclamation of excitement — ale jazda!radical!
  3. a customizable cyclocomputerwhich apps for Jazda do you like best?

Jazda is a hacker's dream bike computer. It adapts to your style because you choose which apps you load on it. If you have a new, radical idea – build it with our Sofware Development Kit and submit to the store!


Jazda is based on a smart watch a sunlight-readable display and a GPS sensor.

A smart watch displaying a speed gauge and large number "14" in a pretty font. It lies on a block of wood.

But that's not all: there are also sensors for altitude, acceleration, magnetic field, GPS, heart rate (sic), temperature and touch. *breathes in*.

The ultimate goal is to add support for Bluetooth speed and cadence sensors. If that's not too much for you, there's also 8MiB of on-board storage, so you can think what to do with all the data later!

Oh, battery life? According to preliminary estimates, it could survive a month in a drawer. Cycling time with GPS is about 5 hours.

Convinced yet? Buy one, join our community, and start developing apps!


Jazda's software is Open Source, and you can modify it at will. Drivers are contained in Tock OS, and applications make use of libtock-rs. It currently supports the display, the GNSS module, flash storage, and the backlight. More drivers are needed, so get your hands dirty.

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Jazda builds on the shoulders of giants. It wouldn't have been possible without: