jazda is a bike computer which adapts to you


Do you want to build your own bike computer? Jazda is still at an early stage of development and needs contributors – as well as code.


A picture of a SWD breakout board connected by a cable to the ST-Link 2.0

Until Bluetooth support is figured out, the only way to program Jazda is using our development kit, pictured above. It takes advantage of SWD pins on the back of the watch.

Software Development Kit

Software used for Jazda is available on framagit. Start on the wiki page for the most up-to-date installation instructions. Oh, and don't hesitate to request access if something's wrong or incomplete.

A smart watch showing "Hello World!" and some numbers on a somewhat dirty black textile with a slightly dirty sticker with the Rust logo on the textile Caution: Jazda contains lots of Rust.


All software used to build Jazda software are liberated and available to the public.

Jazda is based on a customized version of the Tock project, plus some extra libraries. They can be all found at Framagit.

The USB breakout board is also open. (The watch itself is not. Maybe in the future?)

Special thanks go to KiCad, OpenOCD, and Rust.